scottish government

Calls by Scottish Government for tailored migration policies to support Scottish repopulation

The Scottish Government, in its official response to a call for evidence from the UK Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), has stated that the introduction of any Australian-style points

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New Interactive Atlas of Migration launched by European Commission

The European Commission's Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) has launched an online, interactive atlas with the latest migration data for 198 countries and territories worldwide.

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SIRIUS - working paper

New Working Paper: Shifts in the size of the labour force of European countries

The SIRIUS project today

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SIRIUS - challenges for the local level

Labour market integration – challenges for the local level

The SIRIUS project will take part in the DG Research and Innovation and the Research Executive Agency participatory session "Labour market integration of migrants – challenges for

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Migration and Health – BMJ Migration Health Series

The British Medical Journal has recently launched a migration health series which aims to provide insights and perspectives by researchers, policy makers, practitioners, civil society, and migrants

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Open Letter to New British Home Secretary

38 migrant and refugee organisations in the UK have written a joint letter to the new Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, raising issues that people coming to the United Kingdom face.

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The MIGNEX project

The MIGNEX (Migration Management and the Migration–Development Nexus) project is the largest European-funded project on the topic of migration, development and policy.

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Scottish Government's report on UK immigration policy after leaving the EU

The Scottish Government Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population, led by Professor Christina Bowell, have published a report which sets out evidence and analysis for Scotland of the implic

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Migration Working Group – Parties, Attitudes And Migration

On the 29th of January, Anna Triandafyllidou and Andrew Geddes from the European University Institute is hosting a

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World Migration Report 2018

The International Organisation for Migration has recently published their 2018 report on World Migration.

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