Karine Christine Duplan

Dr. Karine Duplan is Senior Research Associate at the Department of Geography & Environment and at the Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Geneva. Positioned at the crossroad of geographies of gender and migration studies, her work aims at understanding the processes of reproduction of social inequalities in space in a context of growing globalization. She is particularly interested in transnational elite and its contribution to public space. She has notably carried out an ethnographic research among transnational elite in Luxembourg on the subjective experience of globalization from female expatriates’ standpoint, highlighting the contribution of these women to the transnational circulation of heteronormative standards. Karine is also highly invested in ethics and reflexivity issues in social sciences. She represents at SIRIUS the Committee on Ethics of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Geneva. She is also member of the Inter-Faculty Committee on Ethics of the University of Geneva.