Workshop and Seminar Series Paths of integration in European contemporary societies


The first event of the seminar series "The path of integration in contemporary societies" organised by SIRIUS in collaboration with Respond was held on last Friday at the University of FlorenceProfessor Marco Benvenuti discussed the right to asylum and international protection in the Italian jurisdiction, pointing at the legal framework of asylum, subsidiary and humanitarian protection, at the connected rights and duties and at the most recent developments.

The Workshop and Seminar Series aims to discuss, in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, integration policies and legal frameworks in a number of European experiences. The Seminar series will provide students with some basic notions on immigration law and policies in Italy, whereas the workshop (with students’ active involvement) will be devoted to the analysis of the most important “integration tools”, as for example language and civic courses, education, vocational training.

To have more information about the seminar series please download the attached flyer.