Videomakers - would you like to work with us?


The SIRIUS Project would like to invite qualified and experienced production companies and documentary/film makers to submit offer to produce two short films on migrants and citizens in selected European countries and the challenges of migrant integration.

Featuring similar narrative structures, the films will combine informant interviews from different countries of settlement (UK, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Finland).

The two films will be in dialogue with one another – as if they were two voices in a virtual dialogue. The first film will focus on the challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as they look for a job, undertake a job interview, exploit networks to find a job and indeed start work. What were their own concerns and fears (an aspect which is frequently overlooked), what obstacles did they face, as well as the gendered aspects of labour market integration and the challenges faced by young migrants.

The second film will look at the concerns of natives – about migrants taking their jobs, unfair competition, people who speak a foreign language, who have unusual requests about food, religious practices, ways of dressing, as well as addressing stereotypes and learning to live together, the concerns of employers about the honesty or reliability of migrant workers, as well as the views of employers but also of colleagues about the rights of migrants, and examples of misunderstandings and how they were solved.

Our aim with these film essays is to provide audio-visual representations to supplement our quantitative and qualitative analysis of the labour market integration process. We also aim to introduce a level of critical reflection on how personal views, political and economic circumstances as well as specific employment situations produce given dynamics (of acceptance or rejection). In other words, the film essays will offer an artistic reflection on labour market and workplace dynamics. The films will be prepared by an independent film-maker.

For more details about the call, budget, proposal details and criteria of evaluation, see attached PDF.

Deadline for submission: 30 June 2018