Ted Talks About Refugees

Ted talk

Feel like getting inspired today? Then why you don't have a look about some of the following TED and TEDx Talks that highlight the experiences of migrants and refugees around the world.

If you are interested in listening views of international organisation workers, journalists, refugees, politicians and photographers have a look at the video list of Welcome Refugees here.

If you are more interested in education, the last June at the Tedx Kakuma Camp, Mary Makers, a refugee and now a teacher of young refugees herself, explains how she sees education as an essential tool for rebuilding lives and empowering a generation of girls.To watch the talk of Mary please visit here.

If instead you are more curious about migration and entrepreneurship, don't miss the Ted series about how migrants and refugees have " founded some of the most amazing companies". To check the videos have a look here.

If you need more suggestions, the UNHCR has combined a list of all the videos about refugees and resilience. To see their suggestions please visit here.