Software, Econometric and Input-Output


For WP1, we have created two sets of software to share the data we have gathered. The first software, the econometric software, identifies the labour “absorbing sectors” in the SIRIUS economies. The software models each sector through the time series variables of output and labour. The software provides you with the opportunity to conduct scenario analyses by entering the relevant percentage change (%) for the sectors of the economy that the user has selected.

The second software, the input-output software, aims to provide a roadmap for the matching of skills and qualifications of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers (MRAs) across the sectors and the occupations of the economy. This approach, which builds on relevant Input-Output methods, could increase MRAs employability and optimize their integration process. According to the model used based on the software, the employability potential of MRAs for each economy is determined according to the employment features of the specific economy and the skills of MRAs.

To learn more about the software, and read instructions on how to use them, see our dedicated Software page.