The protagonism of migrant farmworkers! UNHCR supports the birth of the trade union fuorimercato in Sicily

The protagonism of farmworkers in Sicily

We publish a press release from the UNHCR that supports the initiative of migrant farmworkers from Campobello di Mazara in Sicily, employed in the olive harvest. A few days ago the migrant workers organized as a local trade union point of the national Fuori Mercato network presented themselves to the city by meeting the Mayor of the small town in the center of Trapani olives production and bringing their claims on the right to life, to health, to a job right and to dwell.

This initiative was supported by UNHCR and Intersos as part of the Partecipazione project which aims to facilitate the access and active participation of refugees in Italian social and civil life and it has an important value because it focuses on the workers who support the agri-food system defined as an essential sector since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.