Press release from European Commission on Managing Migration

European Union headquarters

The European Commission published a press release on the topic of disembarkation and the 'controlled centres' concept. The Commission outlines how 'controlled centres' will aim to improve and speed up the process of deciding which individuals are in need of international protection and those without rights to remain in the EU, and also to speed up the return procedure. The centres would be managed by the host member state and the costs for this would be covered by the EU budget.

In addition to these centres, there will also be regional disembarkation arrangements, in cooperation with IOM and UNHCR. According to the Commission, the regional disembarkation arrangements will aim to create a quick and safe way for rescued people on the Mediterranean sea, which includes having no detentions or camps set up, and that the EU will give financial and logistical support.

To read the full press release, please follow this link.