'The Politics of European Union Migration Governance'


Professor Andrew Geddes from the European University Institute, which is a member organisation of the SIRIUS project, has recently published an article about four potential dimensions of change in European governance on issues around migration.

The first dimension is how the understanding of the underlying drivers of migration has changed. "It can be difficult to objectively measure the effects of potential drivers of migration on actual migration flows". The second dimension is that "policy change is marked either by the density of outputs or their focus". An increasingly more complex web of EU outputs is interacting with the national immigration system while a consistent focus on external borders has been promoted. The third dimension is that there are more institutions (inside and outside the European Commission) involved in the EU migration governance. The last dimension is politics surrounding migration governance as the issue of migration is widely discussed in many EU members states. The attitudes towards migration are seen "to have coalesced into a new transnational cleavage with potentially powerful structuring effects on European party politics".

To read the article, follow this link (requires login).