More Than 220 People Have Found Work with the Support of SolidarityNow

New job

SolidarityNow, a consortium member of the SIRIUS project, have helped 223 refugees and migrants to found work through their Employability & Work Counseling Service at their Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki. During the three years that the project has been in existence, the migrants and refugees have found work based on their skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations. 37 companies collaborated with SolidarityNow which hired people who have been among the Employability Service’s beneficiaries.

SolidarityNow’s Employability Service was designed based on the needs of people visiting our Centers. Our aim is to highlight and strengthen the different skills, as well as the cognitive and cultural background of our beneficiaries, so that they can respond to their new life”

notes Ioanna Fourkiotou, Director of SolidarityNow’s activities in Northern Greece and continues:

“Most important of all is that this effort has been embraced by many companies and employers who have shown social sensitivity and hired these people, giving them a second chance in life.

To read more about their work, please visit their website.