Labour Market Realism and the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees


Philip Martin from UC Davis and Martin Ruhs from European University Institute have written an article in the journal International Migration about the gap between The Global Compacts on Migration (GCM) and Refugees (GCR) and reality. Below is the abstract for the paper:

The Global Compacts on Migration (GCM) and Refugees (GCR) include policy recommendations that aim to increase opportunities for legal labour migration, improve protections for migrant workers, and provide refugees with ‘complementary pathways’ to enhanced protection via labour mobility. This paper explains why there are large gaps between these policy recommendations and the labour market policies and realities in the countries that host most of the world’s migrant workers. These gaps between ideals and realities are likely to limit the effective implementation of the GCM/GCR recommendations on labour migration. More ‘labour market realism‘ is needed to incrementally but effectively improve protections for migrant workers.

You can find the whole article on International Migration’s website (institutional login required).