The Journey: People on the move - Exhibition

The Journey: People on the move

SIRIUS Partner SolidarityNow has co-organised with the University of Glasgow and other partners the exhibition The journey: people on the move. The exhibition is about the experience of the journey of Syrians fleeing their homeland to Europe. Originally held in 2016 at Benaki Museum in Athens, it is hosted iat The Lighthouse in Glasgow, from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th April (9 am to 5 pm).

Eight renowned photographers/photo-journalists from Greece captured the Journey, the route all these people took in the past year as they had to flee their countries. The images trace their journey from Turkey to Greece, with the borders as their final destination, hoping to reach a safe haven in Europe.

The exhibition invites the public to travel through the photographs. These testimonies of international photographers aim to familiarize a larger public with this harsh reality confronted every day by thousands of people seeking to reclaim their right to a life with security for themselves and their families.

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