ISIRC 2019, Social Innovation, Employment and Migrants/Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Glasgow Caledonian University

Two weeks left to submit papers to ISIRC Conference

At next year's ISIRC conference, which is organised by Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, consortium members Simone Baglioni and Francesca Caló will chair the stream about social innovation, employment and MRAs. This stream aims to gather contributions shedding light on innovative forms of support and integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into employment. It invites papers discussing social innovations having occurred in favouring (or not) the inclusion of MRAs into labour markets.The most effective way to integrate migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (MRAS) in their host countries, and to enable them to contribute to the economic and social development of these societies, is through employment. Jobs that reflect skills provide MRAs with an income as well as with opportunities to be independent from public support and welfare. While mainstreaming media and political entrepreneurs tended to focus on the potential security issues raised by increased fluxes of refugees and migrants, civil society activists and local authorities (and in some cases private organisations) have been at the forefront of the provision of humanitarian help as well as in the promotion of integration programs.

To read more about ISIRC2019 conference, and information on how to send in your paper, see the ISIRC2019 website.