European Solidarity: Conditions, Forms, Limitations and Implications

TransSOL Conference

The TransSOL project final conference will be held next week in Brussels. Researchers, practitioners and policy-makers will convey for three days discussion about European solidarity and its conditions, forms, limitations and implications. On May 15th a public event about solidarity will be organised in collaboration with Solidus and EU Engage and presenters will discuss drivers and barriers of solidarity in Europe. To know more about the event and how to register, please follow this link.

On May 16th and 17th, researchers will discuss three years of research findings.15 papers will be presented and they will cover issues concerning civil society, public discourse on solidarity and public opinion on solidarity. 3 keynote speeches will also reflect on solidarity issues, focusing upon solidarity as understanding of common good, the differences among European countries in support for EU social policy and the impact of on-going policy reforms upon the Greek social structure. 

Transnational solidarity actions and public discourse on solidarity towards migrants and refugees will be also discussed focusing upon comparative analysis and data collected through the three years. 

To know more about the papers presented and the keynote speakers, please follow this link