Campaign to award the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to Riace

Riace Nomination

Riace is a tiny Italian village that opened its doors to migrants, establishing in the last years a model of integration recognised in Europe. His mayor offered migrants houses in the village that had been abandoned as the local population dwindled. Riace's integration strategy helped to reignite the economy of the town: Riace’s one bar reopened, as did a handful of shops, while the system helped generate jobs for locals – as teachers, translators or cultural mediators. Houses in the town’s “Global Village” were turned into artisanal shops, with migrants working alongside locals to make and sell products including ceramics, hats and chocolate. For more information about the Riace model, visit here.

At the end of 2018, the project of integration was shut down by the Italian Home Secretary. For more information visit here

Recently a network of civil society organizations, NGOs and local authorities is promoting a campaign to award the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to Riace. Citizens, civil society organisations, academics have the opportunity to sign the campaign and promote Riace as a model of integration.

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